I know you probably clicked on this link because you thought I was going to give an in-depth review of the less-than-stellar Jodie Foster movie Contact. I mean, that’s what I automatically think whenever I see that word. But in reality, I just wanted to add a place where you could contact me (see how it all ties together now?) in case you need to hire a professional laugher. I have a résumé and clumsy kids, so my craft is tight, yo.

Email: meetthebuttrams, letter “a” with a swirly circle around it, gmail, period, com.

All together now: meetthebuttrams [at] gmail [dot] com.
Twitter-stalk me at: @jbuttwhatwhat (most awesome name EVER, amiright?)
Like me (pretty please?) at: MeetTheButtrams

Please don’t spam me. My mom made us eat that stuff when I was little. I think you’ll agree, I’ve had enough spam.


One response to “Contact

  1. Tim Thurston

    I have never thought of you as an “other”.

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