A Prayer for the Miraculous

O God, You are good.

O God, You are present.

O God, You are able.

Even as we meet with You and dwell on Your Word and fall in Your presence, how little we must really know of You, God.

You are doing great and beautiful things in the lives of Your people; You have done the greatest and most beautiful thing for the redemption of Your people. Your grace is excessive. You pour out and down and through, and woven within our grief and our suffering and our confusion is hope and mercy and the divine.

You are big. You command angels, You create time and space, You breathe life.

You are here, and You are interested, and Your heart breaks over what breaks us. You bid us Come; come and see that I am good. You invite us Seek; seek and you shall find Me. You promise us Ask; ask and you shall receive.

You are good.

You weep when we weep, You hope while we hope, You delight in us. God, this mighty and good and holy God of the ages, this big and breathtaking God is captivated right now, right here, by us.

And oh, how You long for us to trust You, to trust Your plans, to trust that You are God, a good and holy God. Not to glorify Yourself, not to affirm Your Godhood, but to open our eyes to You, to receive You.

This pocket of the earth, this hallowed ground united right now in prayer for one so-sweet family, we do, right now, trust You. We trust in Your goodness. We trust in Your righteousness. We trust You are present and moving among us. We trust in Your invitation to come, to seek, to ask.

So we come. We seek only You. We ask for mercy, God, for healing, for Your glory revealed. We ask with boldness, as daughters and sons of the Most Holy God. We hope with purpose and with faith, knowing that You are able, asking that You may be willing.

Our prayers turn to pleas, rumblings in our chests and aches in our bones, as we call down Heaven, the fire in our bellies begging that Your good and perfect plan would look a lot like ours. You watch us join hands and turn our hearts heavenward, and even as You break over our brokenness, You are pleased. Pleased because this…this…is good and it is perfect. Your people calling upon You for deliverance. Looking nowhere else but to You for deliverance. Knowing, however briefly we may know, trusting, however briefly we may trust, in the One who is able.

You have already promised us Heaven. You grant us redemption, reconciliation, the inheritance of Your son Jesus Christ. Yet You long to meet us here and now, You long to heal us, to deliver us, to pour Your excess over us now, as we are broken now, as we are bound now, as we are starving now. You long for us to fall for You, as wholly as You have fallen for us.

May we ask as Your beloveds for that healing, for that deliverance, for that miracle.



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3 responses to “A Prayer for the Miraculous

  1. Larry The Deuce


  2. I have read this a few times, and still it stirs my heart, my soul. Thank you.

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