An Elephant, a Leprechaun, and Chad Gibbs Walk Into a Bar

(That is the worst blog post title ever, and it probably just broke every single SEO Google rule but I’M A REBEL, Y’ALL.)

It’s been a rough season for this college football fan. Auburn and I, we have our ups and downs, but I’ll always be a fan. And being a southerner, my loyalty to the SEC trumps even my disdain for Alabama. IT EVEN TRUMPS REALITY. Which means I’ll be pulling for the Tide tonight. (Imagine I just said that and then immediately threw up like Gollum.)

Unfortunately, many of my good friends are Notre Dame fans. So tonight is going to be an extra fun game to watch. AND I’M ABOUT TO MAKE IT FUNNER!

My good friend Chad Gibbs wrote a hilarious and insightful book called Love Thy Rival. I made the mistake of reading it while rocking my daughter to sleep one night and almost passed out trying to hold in my laughter. It’s good, y’all.

And I have TWO autographed copies to give away.

The thing about Chad is, he didn’t just write a book and then sell it to you. He’s also raising money to build a women’s and children’s health clinic in Haiti through Samaritan’s Purse. You can click any of the fancy blue letters in this paragraph to get more information on this worthy cause. So far, sports fans have raised a little over 60% of the total $40,000 goal, and this is the last month to get it done.

Anyway, back to the TWO FREE AUTOGRAPHED COPIES (I asked Chad to write something absolutely, positively ridiculous and he delivered) that I am dying to give away.

IN THE COMMENTS: Post your prediction of the final score of tonight’s game (for example, my prediction is 17-9, Bama, which is probably a terrible prediction, but no matter) and whoever is the closest will win one of the copies. The second copy will go to a randomly drawn winner. One entry for your comment/prediction and extra entries for any amount you donate to Samaritan’s Purse. If you donate $10, you get 10 extra entries. MATH IS FUN!

(PSST. Here is the breakdown of previous fans’ giving. I do not see Notre Dame on this list.)

UPDATE: No one came close to predicting the MAJOR BLOWOUT Alabama was going to give Notre Dame, so I drew two random winners via Chad Jones & Dan McM. are our winners! I’ll be emailing you for your addresses! 



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26 responses to “An Elephant, a Leprechaun, and Chad Gibbs Walk Into a Bar

  1. I know less than nothing about “fool’s ball.” 😉

    Anyway, 14-7, Fightin’ Irish. (Told you I don’t know nothin’).

    Um, Roll Eagle, or something. 😉

  2. Tide rolls 20-13… those Domers can’t cheat like the SEC can!

  3. Larry The Deuce

    I’m a Vol fan. I don’t like Bama. I can’t stand the Domers. I’ll roll with the Tide on this one. 24-10.

  4. Tyler Barton

    I’ll say Bama wins 17-14 in a nail biter.

  5. Misty Lankford

    Bama 24-20

  6. I miss you and wanted to say HI!
    And I, too, will be rooting for Alabama.

    24 – 21.

    (Possibly an even worse prediction than yours. 🙂
    Carry on.

  7. Erin

    10-7. Touchdown Jesus!

  8. Ha. I know better than to even guess. I have a way of jinxing these things 🙂

  9. Sweetie, I love you soooo much, but I know nothing about this game of which you speak. CONFESSION: If you hadn’t told us that Chad Gibbs was a blogger, I would’ve thought he was a football player. Going over to read the words from the superstar himself.

    I hope the unicorns and the butterflies tie in the fifth quarter. In double-overtime. By just one slam dunk.

  10. Good read! Score tonight…gonna go with:
    Notre Dame 20
    Alabama 16

  11. dan mcm

    Well, I didn’t see your post until well after the game, so if I guessed 42-14, you’d all think I had cheated or something, right?

    Not surprised that Bama won, but I am surprised it was that ugly. Actually, if you would’ve told me in early October (when there were about 7 undefeated teams left) that the final two would’ve been Bama and ND, 42-14 would’ve been about right… but that’s because I didn’t think there was any way that Notre Dame would actually make the championship game as the only undefeated team left.

  12. As an Auburn girl myself, I was really rooting for the Irish. But, alas, it looks as if Bama won by a landslide. Sigh. But, hey, War Eagle! It is a new year for us Tigers! 🙂

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