Washed in Glory

A lot of cool stuff happens in and around my hometown, so sometimes I miss things.

But I’m really glad I heard about United Pursuit Band before their October 6th deadline.

Sometimes I think music is God’s greatest invention, and sometimes I think His greatest invention is language, and then other times I think it’s fog. Living in the Smoky Mountains, that last one can’t really be helped.

Moving on.

So since I’ve discovered UPB in my freaking backyard (like, they pitched a tent back there. I mean, I knew we should have gotten a fence.), I’ve pretty much devoured their music. It’s kind of a bad habit how I latch on to things that I like.

For example, after FINALLY finishing season 2 of BBC’s Sherlock, I spent TWO DAYS trolling message boards trying to figure out the “vital clue” and I might be close but you know what, let’s move on, this post isn’t even about Benedict Cumberbatch even though the guy on the right stole his coat.

(I will probably find a reason to talk about Benedict Cumberbatch until this particular fancy wears off.)

Moving on, part 2.

UPB is trying to raise $100,000 to renovate an abandoned building in the heart of my hometown because they have simply outgrown the space God gave them with their ridiculously exploding ministry.

Here, let them tell you all about it.

I have no idea what God is planning for this group. And wondering what He’s up to is half the fun. The other half is having the privilege to be a part of it.

I asked UPB why it was so important for this building in this city, what they wanted to communicate about this project, and this is what they said:

“I think the main thing we’re wanting to communicate is that the vision for this space is to be a blessing [to] the city…a place for worship, community, and creativity to thrive in the lives of the people to walk through its doors.”

And I get it.

I believe God is worthy of our worship. I believe music and language and fog are ways He is worshipped. I believe worshipping God is, at its core, recognizing Him for who He is, and I believe worship is a place where God meets us to reveal even more of Himself.

And I believe, wholeheartedly, that worship is a catalyst for God’s people, that it is equal parts knowing God and knowing what God wants for us.

I believe God is not just worthy of our worship, or desiring of our worship, but is all the while extending to us the beauty of it, the invitation. Worship is a way to curl up at His feet, to profess His character, to proclaim His truth to Him, and to wait for Him to wash us in His glory.

“It’s more than a building. It’s our passion to help make space for our generation to discover and experience the goodness and love of God all over again.” – Nathan Fray, United Pursuit Band





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12 responses to “Washed in Glory

  1. crosscribe

    Yowza. Yup, that about sums it up.

    (And I have no idea what the “vital clue” is in the last episode of “Sherlock” either. Steven Moffat can often leave one wanting to pull out their hair.)

  2. “I believe music and language and fog are ways He is worshipped.”

    Lovely. I know G-d is in butterflies and coneflowers. And hummingbirds. 🙂

  3. Larry The Deuce

    Moffat does the same to me in Doctor Who. And are you looking for a clue as to what really happened in that fall?

  4. Moffat, that guy…he kills me. I love pretty much everything he does. Anyway, worship, yeah, I am with you in that whole music and language and fog stuff. I happen to be Catholic and my family attends a latin mass, so wrapping myself up in the history and the beauty of it all is how we roll. We kneel and humble, pray and rejoice, honor and thank and we leave all filled up like my gas tank on payday.

  5. Ricky Anderson

    I know this is a beautiful post and all, but I too only want to talk about Sherlock – WHAT THE CRAP JUST HAPPENED?!?

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