Love Thy Rival

My friend Chad Gibbs is dropping a new book today called Love Thy Rival. Somehow, Chad managed to make it his job to attend some of the most heated rivalry games in sports history and then get paid to write a book about it.

I know, right?

Love Thy Rival is a project I’ve been excited to read, and I’m even more excited about what Chad is doing with his book. I mean other than writing it and then selling it.

He has partnered with Samaritan’s Purse to raise $40,000 to build a health clinic in Haiti. He is challenging sports fans to give more generously than their rivals, challenging people with a passion for football or baseball or Ivy League rowing (what?) to channel that passion toward doing something real in the name of God and in the lives of truly beautiful people with a denser need than we can comprehend.

My Roll Todd friend Jamie gave $14 in honor of Alabama’s fourteen national championships. And I naturally gave $15 because that’s what we Auburn fans do.

So check out Chad’s project page here, and then click here to donate money in your team’s name.

And then rub it in your rival’s face.




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6 responses to “Love Thy Rival

  1. EllieAnn

    Wow, this is all kinds of awesome. Love thy rival…it sounds like something Jesus said once, or something. I didn’t even know there WAS football back in Jesus’ times.

  2. I’ll be promoting my Chicago teams. ALL THE WAY.

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