Will You Join Me in Prayer?

Tonight I am heavy with prayer, if only because there are so many words I want to put to the emotions in my heart.

I pray to the God I both follow and fail every day, sometimes even in the same breath. I pray to the Holy Trinity, to the Spirit who moves me, to Jesus who guides me, to God who forgives me when I disregard the other Two.

I pray for the brokenness scattered across headlines, woven in between the lines of articles and opinions and blog posts. I pray because this brokenness is removed from me; it is faceless and far. I pray for those in mourning, for those nursing shattered dreams, for those who have lost faith – in God, in humankind, in love.

I pray because my compassion cannot move past my words and into my arms and hands and fingers. I pray because my compassion is timed. It is dated. It will expire.

I pray for the brokenness that I can touch, but often can’t find the words or the courage.

I pray for friends whose lives are stuck in fog, whose sadness is larger but quieter than the headlines. I pray with the friend who apologized for unloading a fraction of her burden, to just feel a little bit lighter and less alone. I pray in fear and shame that my countenance might have told her an apology was even necessary.

I pray in my ignorance and shortsightedness, as if this global brokenness is somehow uncontainable or unobserved. I pray to be heard, shouting because I am convinced that He is far away, fearful that the emptiness is bigger than He who fills it, uncertain because I know my thumb can block out the sun.

I pray because I don’t know what else to do. I pray because I want it all to be fixed. I pray because the answer is still “Not Yet”.

Tonight — if only tonight — will you join me?



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11 responses to “Will You Join Me in Prayer?

  1. Yes, I will going you! I have had a heavy emotional week. I wrote a bit about it on my blog tonight actually! We need to join together and pray without ceasing. Pray pray pray! We serve a powerful God!!

  2. Love this, sweet girl. And yes, I will. I felt this way after going to bed last night, and prayed for a while there. Haven’t felt like that in some time.


  3. dad

    Yes, Sweetheart. I love you and I hope you find your burden made a little lighter. I wish I can help but only He can do that.

  4. Larry The Deuce

    Praying with you!

  5. Certainly will! Praying for you and for the peace that only He can provide!

  6. I pray all the time, too. But also out of gratitude because we are given so much.

  7. Sandra Elizabeth (starting to go by my middle name) Harrison

    praying with you in the spirit of this heaviness. may we be a generation who seeks His FACE through prayer!

  8. Ricky Anderson

    Of course.

  9. Toni

    The full moon has made it an intense and emotional week for me too. Lots of prayer and meditation too!

  10. Very touching! Its crazy how prayer can really bring peace to your heart when you need it, thanks for sharing! I recently mentioned you in a post about hope if you want to check it out. Thanks!

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