The All-Star Challenge

Remember the 1992 U.S. Olympic basketball team, dubbed “The Dream Team”? Remember how they went undefeated in the Olympics and won the gold medal?

Now remember how they actually lost their very first game together when they scrimmaged a bunch of college kids? And how Coach K believes head coach Chuck Daly purposefully threw the game? And how losing to a bunch of snot-nosed kids made the Dream Team that much better and more of a team instead of a bunch of giant egos used to posting triple-doubles? Are you impressed with my basketball knowledge yet?

What a story.

Hey, guess what. I’m on a Blogging All-Star Team. And I need you to vote for us. One day of voting and we’re holding on, but we’re up against Jon Acuff as Power Forward, Bryan Allain playing Point Guard, Carlos Whitaker and Tyler Stanton in Center…

I feel a lot like that collegiate team trying not to stare at the NBA all-stars, reminding myself not to ask for their autographs when someone is up for a free throw.

Basically, this metaphor just broke down, and I just need you to go here and vote for Team Ricky.

A vote for Team Ricky is a vote for Olympic Gold Medals. Remember, voting takes place all week and you can vote once per day (per electronic device, but is that cheating?).

Plus, my cartoon self is ADORABLE. Really, she is.



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13 responses to “The All-Star Challenge

  1. I loved the 92 Dream Team. Good luck with everything.

  2. Go Team Ricky.

    I think it’s awesome that you can identify yourself in the picture. I’m confused as to my identity.


    Am I part of the dream team?

    I’m not mentioned in the video.

    Well, I’ll just root for y’all anyway.

    I have always like underdogs.

    Plus the cartoon Underdog is awesome. In a 1970s kind of way.

  3. Larry The Deuce

    What about two 865 folk in this thing?

  4. …additionally, a vote for Team Ricky is a vote for truth, justice and the American way….and cute puppies too…

  5. Ricky Anderson

    We’re definitely due…

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