Good-Bye, My Friend

My good friend Clay Morgan is killing off his site today. A few weeks ago, he asked a bunch of us Internet Personalities to throw him a funeral, which is happening TODAY. Please don’t miss this.

There’s music, obituaries, search bombs, That’s What She Saids, expandable bat wings (where can I get some of those? I’m asking), and nudity.

And I offered Clay a super long letter read aloud in my stupid Euro-oppressive accent.

SO, head over there and see what everyone has to say about behind its back because you know it’s dead and stuff. And see if you can find a toddler shoe, a toy civil war musket, and a purple Lego in my video, because I totally forgot to clean up before shooting that stupid thing.



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5 responses to “Good-Bye, My Friend

  1. LOVE. Cracking up at “…stupid Euro-oppressive accent.” And here’s a little twist on your scavenger hunt. I spent more time finding music for your segment than any other. Can anyone name that tune? Or just name a tuna.

  2. JButt, you make me smile, and laugh …and wish we lived much closer to each other. 🙂

  3. Wait. Nudity? I’m there.

    (Just kidding. I’d head over even if everyone were fully-clothed. Probably.)

  4. Your letter was amazing. I want to say clever things about it and rave about your superior comedic writing skills, but I have to get dressed first.

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