Waiting For The Sigh

This time of year is like the moment before you let out a sigh.

You’ve inhaled. Your lungs are filled. You are committed to exhaling in a whoosh!, even if you just remembered that you ate dill pickle chips with lunch.

It’s the feeling of your chest being so full it actually sinks lower inside your ribcage.

Baseball practice. Karate. Baseball tournament. Field Day. Teacher Appreciation Day. Spring Musical. End-of-the-year celebrations in ev.er.y.thing. The days are so full they sink like the sun.

So I am trying to enjoy that feeling of fullness, the moment before letting out that sigh, the knowing that your next breath will be a chance to refresh and renew.

Dill pickle breath and all.



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18 responses to “Waiting For The Sigh

  1. in 12 days, 1/3 of this year will have gone by. Where does the time go besides, sports, school activities, music lessons, family gatherings and sleep? I love dill pickles, especially the tiny crunchy ones!

  2. kevinrhaggerty

    I hear you. In fact, my post today was on this very topic (sans pickles). I have been doing a lot of sighing lately, but not a lot of resting, if you know what I mean.

  3. Larry The Deuce

    Tell me about it. The next 20 school days are packed.

  4. alisewrite

    Preparing, as my oldest moves on to high school next year. So hard to imagine that we’re closing in on THAT milestone. I am entirely too young for that. It will be a pretty huge sigh, and then immediate deep breath.

  5. And it’s almost Kentucky Derby Day. Where does the time go?

  6. I know this feeling. I felt it today when I posted something “controversial,” and waited–holding my breath–to see if would have resonance, or drop like a lead balloon.

  7. Ricky Anderson

    Ah, baseball.

  8. The worst is when you miss an activity due to schedule overcrowding. The child whose activity was nixed is permanently traumatized (or at least they’d like you to believe this) so you comfort yourself with the said dill pickle chips and the downward spiral begins…

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