Show Me Your Blogs!

I want to know what YOU guys are writing (and/or reading).

What have you written that maybe didn’t get as much traffic as you’d hoped?

What have I missed of yours that is a must-read?

Leave a link in the comments, because…

Show me your blogs!

There might be beads involved. (Spoiler alert: there’s not. Sorry. BUT there is a not-so-clever boob innuendo involved, and we could all use more boob innuendos.)



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64 responses to “Show Me Your Blogs!

  1. I hit you with yesterday’s post. It’s a bit of sarcasm, uh, satire about offering in church. It’s in a category I call Jesus Junk filled more like it. The Big Spender Tithing Envelope

    You may like Folks with Sin, Inspired by Green Eggs and Ham. No link I don’t want to be a chump and double up on your good graces.

  2. I’ve spilled lots of digital ink since, but I’d did this poemy thing on February 8th:

    Thanks for letting me link up. Now go have a King Cake. 🙂

  3. you said boob.

    that link right down there is a blog i wrote about not being a coward when it comes to wanting to date a friend. i’m a little mean.

  4. I wrote a post today that may not be much from a personal accomplishment standpoint, but it’s maybe the most important thing I’ve ever posted. It’s a call to awareness about IDRN: Africa Response, a movement to aid millions of suffering Africans and Somali refugees. Check it out at:

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks. 🙂

    • I LOVE IT. I have a super big soft spot in my heart for Africa. My husband’s college roommate and our good friend was a Lost Boy of Sudan who is now a highly appointed figure in the new South Sudan government. So yes. MUCH love for Africa. 🙂

  5. I write what I can’t say on my real blog and publish oftentimes heartbreaking stuff from other people who want a chance to write anonymously.

  6. In the spirit of boobs and booties (what? You didn’t say booty?) mine were popping all over the place at my first crack at Zumba. 🙂

  7. I try to write humorous stuff. Occasionally, I even succeed. Here’s one from awhile back where I think I did okay. 🙂

  8. Why, how nice of you to ask! LOL I did take a slushie to the face not too long ago…(surely that deserves some beads)…

  9. I’m not sure if it’s a must-read, but it’s certainly representative of my life: . Four kids, ages 9, 7, 3 and 4 months. Never a dull moment. And very few moments with complaint from someone. 😉

  10. This is neat, Jess! My post is a little more about me and my journey to becoming who I am today. When Wallflowers Dance:

  11. Here is one of mine on the dangers of texting with a husband who doesn’t like texting:
    Have a good one!

  12. OMG, I can’t believe my luck today, a blog about reading other people’s blogs! Hardly anyone reads my blogs, my stats are pathetic! (Probably for good reason). But if someone wants to, here’s a link to one of my favs:
    Thanks so much!

  13. I’m going to be a real pain and post TWO links.

    I post photos of various events in and around my small hometown, and I like to sneak in some snark with the photos if I can. (Some events aren’t conducive to snark.) One particular event in December nearly overloaded my snark-o-meter. I had fun with the post (and, as a bonus, the photos turned out well).

    The second link is a photo essay of winter 2011-12 here in southeastern Michigan. I think we’ve had all of four days of actual winter all season. The rest has been an extended early November.

  14. Hi! I write about zombies, kids, superstition, marriages, etc. This is one of my favorite posts. It is about the bowl hair cut.


  15. Awww. You are such a good twinsie. I’d throw up a link of my own but I haven’t written much original content this month because of awesome people like you. That’s it! I’ll just link to your TIHWM story. 🙂

    I am pretty proud of my To the Girl Who Has Never Dated piece:

  16. Now this is so gracious of you! Thank you for asking. My writing tends to be raw and authentic, sometimes funny if you like quirky, dark humor and always hopeful. Here I am: Thanks again!


  17. Eek, I’m having trouble picking one… but I did painstakingly select my favorite content from Year of Yay. The Thanksgiving one explains my goal for the blog. The Switchfoot one is one of my favorite serious ones, and the grocery store one of my favorite funny attempts (Oregon Trail reference!).

  18. I do love some good boob innuendo on Fat Tuesday…
    And you never disappoint, my friend.

    But how marvelous are you to check up on what you may have missed?
    Looks like you have your hands (eyes? boobs?) full already with everything above me.

    So I’ll just say Happy Reading and send you some virtual hugs and love and Mardi Gras beads.

    (Just kidding. I was checking to see if you were still paying attention…)

  19. Hi. I didn’t mean to neglect your boob…I mean beads. I have been so busy with this February break. They should not call it a break unless you get to go away. Unless they mean I am going to break…

    But I digress.

    I’m just happy to see you doing a little Mardi Gras thing here.

    I soooooo miss N’awlins right now.

    I know, I was just there.

    I just got all those beads.

    But that place is like home to me.

    And I should be sitting on St. Charles between 7th and 8th watching the last parade. Right now.


    And I’m throwing you beads. Each one has the face of one of your family members. I know you love family so much. And there is a big cross on it. Because i know you have so much faith. So enjoy your cyber beads.

    And you didn’t even have to show me somethin’ …

    Except you have been.

    All this time.

    • Best beads ever! Thank you, love.

      And is my side boob showing? I’m so embarrassed.

      I hereby declare a plan to meet in New Orleans for Mardi Gras someday. As much as I’ve visited that fabulous city, I have never gone during Mardi Gras.

      TRAVESTY, I know! Let us remedy this! Exclamation point!

  20. Oh my goodness, I was so enchanted by the quality of writing in these blogs, I got lost clicking from one to another, it was like being on Wikipedia, like when your child asks you a question about the Spanish American War and suddenly you realize you’re reading an article about the history of marzipan, or something. Besides being enchanted and utterly intimidated, I am also really moved by the magnanimous spirit of sharing and support. I’m a new blogger, approximately 1% as funny or profound as anyone here, but what I am is postively evangelical about the cool stuff I find—food, music, books, whatever, hence “A Million Reasons Why” :

  21. I just wanted to say hi. Also High. And even Hi-C. I haven’t blogged this month. Or read blogs. I’m in a cave. Send Skittles.

  22. showing you my blog
    (that felt a bit dirty *shudder*)

  23. I’m always up for a little shameless self-promo. Here’s the only thing I wrote this week. I’m pretty proud of it:

    How My Heritage Helped Me Understand My Righteousness

  24. Ok, I have nothing with boobness or even beads but I read cake somewhere up there and here’s a link to one of my faves:

  25. You are an incredible writer! I love the wit!
    Check out
    “Should I Stay or Should I go”

  26. Found you through FP and have enjoyed your humorous, “cool mom” vibe — the rapping alone is fantastic.

    Check out for some humor and a whole lot of self-deprecation!

  27. TayabIqbal

    My blog:

    I blog about all sorts of things…depending on how I feel. My next entry will be on me getting my long hair cut off today…

  28. Velislava Hillman

    I’ still new in this but maybe you might I’m still new at this but you may find something fun to read. I write about what I’d teach my children’s by sharing personal stories in a fun way .. You could check

  29. I love this…I started mine 24 hours ago after thinking about it for two years! My purpose is to tell a quick funny story and make you smile. Really, I have been writing down our stories for years to give to our kids one day because I am not ever going to make a scrapbook. If I make others smile with how wrap my head around our daily lives I will be encouraged to write more.
    All that makes you…

  30. Well, I’m blogging regularly about personal development:

  31. Seems like my comment might have been caught as spam?

  32. I blog about crazy people or things in my life and other randomness. I just made an animation of a work phone message featuring Reba McEntire as both voices on said voicemail. Despite it still making me lol, it hasn’t gotten as much traction as I thought it would, but I guess I’m still learning the ways of the blogdom. Here’s the animation on my blog –

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