The Hierarchy of Grocery Stores

If there’s one thing I know instinctively, it’s which aisle powdered doughnuts are in at any grocery store in America. Because I’ve been in more than my share. In grocery stores, not in powdered doughnuts, although that sounds awesome, so please can we make that happen?

So naturally it was my duty to rank these grocery stores in order of desirability and granola availability. And even more naturally, I had to do this over at Clay Morgan‘s site. So click here to read my guest post and let me know where your grocery store falls in the hierarchy.

And for the record, I had no idea he owns a Yorkie, but…now everything just makes sense, right?

One last order of business: the Anna Dressed in Blood giveaway! Hip hip hooray! The winner is Jan Heath! Thanks for commenting, friend! I’ll be emailing you to collect your goods. 🙂



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4 responses to “The Hierarchy of Grocery Stores

  1. Hey, for the record I inherited my Yorkie, but he is AWESOME, not one of those typical stupid little dogs that everyone hates. He’s the coolest little dog ever. Also, I want to be inside of a donut too.

  2. I won? I actually won??!! WOW! First I win a deluxe tacky Florida postcard from our friend Tamara Out Loud, and now I win a book from Jessica Buttram! Blogging is my new fav activity!

  3. As always, Jess, you’re crackin’ me up! I can’t wait til I can hear these types of things in person next month! I like your style. And your choices in grocery stores.

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