Chasing Rabbits

You guys, yesterday I was chasing vomit chunks with Gatorade (too much?) but today I’m chasing rabbits over at my favorite Alabamian smidget’s blog, Jamie’s Rabbits.


If you haven’t met her yet, then your life is about to get 72.8% more awesome. It’s science.

So click here to read my guest post on the positive effect of Irrational Crushes and peruse her blog a bit. I promise you will also fall in love with her, and not at all irrationally.



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4 responses to “Chasing Rabbits

  1. Heh heh! I pushed on Jamie’s face. See you in Alabama!

  2. Is this like a field trip? Do I have to sign a waiver? Is lunch provided, or should I bring money for the restaurant?

    • There IS a waiver. It reads:
      “This is a personal blog. I’m responsible for no one’s opinion other than my own. And even then, that can change, evolve, devolve, or be influenced by pretty things and even prettier people. I reserve the right to delete any comments I find to be icky. I also reserve the right to determine what “icky” means.”

      So there.

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