Good Things Come in Threes. Or Fours.

1. I fully intend on lazing it up on this blog for the rest of the year. My schedule as trophy wife is about to explode, what with holiday preparations and working out extra hard to keep my girlish figure (lies, vicious lies) and National Novel Writing Month (so, so fun) and baking baking baking and whatever else trophy wives do during the holidays, how am I supposed to know, stop questioning me.

HOWEVER…I am bringing in a Fall Line-up of Awesome Guest Posters who will multi-handedly elevate the content of my blog to stellar proportions. So stay tuned.

(PS, if you are a blogger and I haven’t assaulted you via email or Twitter or Facebook or Words With Friends or telegram to guest post, it’s because I assume you are too busy and/or awesome to want to hang out with me, but if I’m wrong and you DO want to hang out with me, just shoot me an email at meetthebuttrams [a] gmail [dot] com and we’ll stick you on the rotation and I’ll bake you some Thanksgiving cookies. You know, because Thanksgiving comes BEFORE Christmas. Respect the gluttony.)

2. There’s also this. I mostly just had nothing to blog about and also wanted to introduce you to some amazing musical talent and ALSO to show you what gene pool I share. Before you ask, yes, we are directly related (hi, sis!) and yes, I can sing like that, too. Wait. No. No, I can’t. But I CAN play the piano better than her. Well…that’s not true either. I’VE GOT IT! I blog more consistently. And coming from an inconsistent blogger, that’s ‘UGE. I say “huge” like Donald Trump in real life every time always forever and ever amen.

Also, my niece is ridiculous. In the very very (VERY) best way.

3. I really kind of love this post by the lovely and eloquent blogger As A Linguist. Not kind of. A lot.

4. What’s on your Thanksgiving menu? Don’t worry, I won’t show up unexpectedly. And by that I mean you should go ahead and expect me to show up.



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14 responses to “Good Things Come in Threes. Or Fours.

  1. We thanksgiving elsewhere. Always. I do, however, make some pretty kick-ass mashed potatoes, full of cheese and garlic and all kinds of nice, fattening things. Ruining food that is good for you is kind of my thing.

    And I’m pretty sure talking like The Donald is important.

  2. I *thought* you might be saying you’re pregnant…with the whole good things come in threes; and the losing of the girlish figure…

    But Thanksgiving and NaNoWriMo are excellent reasons too.

    Plus this: HELLO TALENT. Your sister’s awesome.

    So someday, you have to have more children. You owe it to the gene pool

  3. I’m one who would love to guest post, but I still owe Renee one from about 4 months ago.

    And that clip of your sister is the most beautiful example of multitasking. That’s a lot of family talent…

    And friend me on NaNo. I’m prairiedaughter. I even spelled it correctly, unlike my Skype and WWF name.

    Warm hugs from cold Canada.

  4. Beautiful music by your sis and niece! 🙂

  5. Hi Pookie.

    I would love to come up and blog for you sometime. 😉

    But not until after this semester. Is that okay? Like January or something?

  6. Your sister is so talented! I’ve been belting out that song non-stop for the past 3 weeks. (It would really help if I could sing. LOL)

  7. Feel free to send an extra baking results this way. My girlish figure is stocking up for the winter.

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