Trust Me, I’m a Doctor

I have a seven-year-old boy. Which means I have the equivalent of a Ph.D in parenting. So it was no surprise, really, when Ricky Anderson (the equivalent of a high school student on his first college visit) asked me to guest post on his blog.

Click here to read my post over on his site. I guarantee it will be the least funny thing over there. Ricky is hilarious. I personally enjoy his How to Be series. I mean, if I had these guidelines decades ago, I might be well on my way to achieving my childhood dream of being the newest Hologram. Or Rainbow Brite’s BFF.

Seriously, Ricky, WHERE WERE YOU IN 1985?



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4 responses to “Trust Me, I’m a Doctor

  1. I was getting beat up by girls in my kindergarten class, of course.

  2. Heading over to your guest post now.

    And hooray for Rainbow Brite!

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