Thoughts for the Weekend

1. I am so. So. Behind in reading all the awesome blogs I subscribe to, which means my email inbox basically just says: [New Post].

2. Allergies suck. They suck, I tell you.

3. My hometown just happens to be the #1 Worst Place for Allergies. In America. According to the World Health Organization. Come ON!

4. Me + Mouth-breathing + snotty Kleenex + no make-up = I scare children and am angry at Nature and sound like a creepster anyway, so hide yo’ kids, hide yo’ wives.

5. Sunday is my birthday. I like chocolates. Don’t send flowers (see #2). I’ll be 28, which is a multiple of 7, which is the Lord’s number, which means I am awesome.

6. I’m reuniting with the people I graduated high school with ten years ago this weekend. I graduated high school ten years ago, and I’m reuniting with them this weekend. I felt like that sentence needed clearing up.

7. My husband thinks it’s weird that I also made plans with my former high school English teacher to meet for cocktails. Or, in Doc’s case, the Early Bird Special. Hyuk, hyuk!

8. Bug didn’t score a goal in his last soccer game of the season, which was last night. Time to make him run laps if he’s going to restore this family’s honor.

9. My laundry refuses to learn how to do itself. Same story with the dishes. Stubborn little buggers.

10. Bean also has allergies, which is sad, because her nose is a constant drip of snot and if I don’t follow her around with a tissue (I don’t), she licks it. Correction: it’s not sad, it’s gross.

11. Ten is a nice round number, so I should have stopped there.

See you all on Monday!



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22 responses to “Thoughts for the Weekend

  1. The sidewalk around our apartment literally looks like a green pollen carpet.
    It’s ridiculous – I’ve never seen anything like it (and I hope that I never do again)!
    I hope you have a wonderful pollen-free birthday! Huzzah!

  2. Boo, allergies.

    Yay 10-year reunion!

    (although I had mine almost 15 years ago. holy cow. i’m seriously old.)

    I forgive you for being only 27 (until Sunday).

    Happy happy birthday, lovely friend.

  3. If your husband knew and appreciated the amazing love/hate relationship that was our high school English teacher, he would understand. (Tell Doc I said “hi.”) Have fun reuniting this weekend!

  4. Happy birthday! Hope your allergies take a break for some cake and ice cream.

  5. Sorry about those allergies. But HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sending you some pollen-less (ha) air from the Rockies.

    And my former English teacher stayed at my house in February…

  6. As for those allergies, I bet you would look smokin’ in a bubble.

    Happy birthday, young ‘un.

  7. Happy birthday! I thought about sending you flowers, but I worried you might be allergic.

  8. Aw snap girl! You made out like a bandit this weekend what with the big contest win. I wish I would’ve known it was your birthday. Then I could’ve make a video. Maybe I should do that and charge people. I’ll make special eduClaytion vlogs about people and their lives when big things happen. Then they can show them to people and say look how important I am that this professor from Pittsburgh is talking about me.

  9. Sorry I’m late (see #1 again) but happy birthday!

  10. Sorry to hear about all allergies. Hope the reunion was the bomb (and that you brought your tissues.

    As far as Bean goes, it’s all good until the snot becomes a snack.

    But even then, snot the end of the world.

    I crack myself up.

    And, as usual, I’m late for the party. Hope your b’day was faboo. Like you! 😉

  11. I’m impressed you can run to eleven thoughts with allergies. I’m allergy free and have trouble getting past five. But then, I’m male, and therefore thoughtfully challenged on a daily basis.

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