Bible, Dude.

Just wanted to give a quick Wasaaaaaaabi to

Dan, Crystal, Duane, and Mark over at were kind enough to post one of my previous pieces on their site. If you’re looking for a great site full of collaborative, authentic Christians, check them out. And you (yes, you) can even register to be a writer on their site and submit some of your own stuff.

I’m really looking forward to posting with them again.

Hey, Bible Dude(s)! Wasaaaaaaaabi!



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4 responses to “Bible, Dude.

  1. wasaaaaabi! true.

    Thanks for making me laugh, and thanks for the great (and timely) post! I look forward to having you share more, and I REALLY appreciate the great compliments about what we’re doing!


  2. Thanks for featuring I kinda have some interest in that site also. 🙂

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