Five Short Days

Holy Week.

Ultimate darkness leading to eternal light.

Jesus arrives in Jerusalem, the Holy City.

Hosanna in the highest!

Hosanna to the Son of David!

Children run and sing, declaring His praise.

“Who is this Man?”

“Jesus of Nazareth.”

“The prophet from Galilee.”

They whisper in awe.

They gather. They listen. They believe.

Jesus teaches. He heals. He anticipates.

Five short days in the Holy City.

Five short days to finish His ministry.

To train His disciples.

To reach as many as He can.

To say what He needs to say.

To teach what He needs to teach.

To heal ailments and hearts.

To make them see.

Five short days left.

The countdown begins.



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6 responses to “Five Short Days

  1. Hi Jess:

    This is lovely. And it actually feels holy. Is that weird?

    And, just so you know, from where I stand, I have eight days of matzah eating ahead. I like when our holidays overlap.

  2. Holiness and reverence and awe. Just lovely.

  3. I really like this. It makes me look at my own seemingly long to-do-list and laugh. Yup, pretty small beans. Thanks for helping me get perspective.

    And I love how you wrote this.

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