Foto Friday : Spring Apocalypse

Spring is such a tease.

After a weekend of nearly 80-degree weather, we were back in the 40’s yesterday, freezing cold rain to boot, and I actually had to turn on the heat. (Bah.) She is giving us a reprieve today, with sunshine and a jolly jaunt into the 60’s, before raining on our parade again the rest of the weekend. (And a humbug.)

To coax her (still talking about Spring here, folks) into sticking around for good (I’ll even put up with her constant attempts to pollinate me), I thought I’d share some photos I’ve taken over the past few weeks of warm weather. That, and I’ve got an awesome pair of Converse I had to show off. Yes, they were on sale, no, I didn’t get them in the kids’ section. (Fun Fact: I can indeed wear shoes from the kids’ section, if I don’t mind wearing sneakers with rhinestones on them, for my feets are tiny.) (Hubs says that’s why I’m so clumsy, because I’m walking around on midget toes.) (That was so politically incorrect, my apologies.)



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4 responses to “Foto Friday : Spring Apocalypse

  1. Your photos make me covet Spring. What commandment am I breaking? You temptress, you. 😉


  2. bethanybwriting

    Let me just say, not only are your converse rockin’ but the socks are adorable 😉 Where did you take the pics – looks like a park near my grandparent’s in Farragut…

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