When Their Eloquence Escapes Me

So this is what I’m going to be doing today.

Today I am going to be gathering up each of the four billion pieces my heart is in, sitting down with a tub of gorilla glue, and trying to put it all back together.

My heart is broken, y’all.

Yesterday, I had a delightful conversation with Bean, one that I was lucky enough to get on video. After trying to email the video to family, being rejected by everyone’s email hosts harder than Lisa Turtle rejected Screech, and almost giving up, resigned to admire my videography all by my lonesome, or until someone came over and I could sequester him or her to our desktop, I remembered that I had signed up for a YouTube channel years ago to circumvent this very issue.

What happened next was this:

  • I uploaded the video to YouTube and emailed the link out to roughly 11,943 people.
  • I decided that those not on my email list but amazingly still interested in my blog might want to watch, too, so I tried to embed it into this little space.
  • Decided the resolution was, in a word, craptastic, and I don’t want to upgrade my free blog to include higher-quality videos. Paying WordPress to blog is pretty much the exact opposite of what I’m trying to do here.
  • Watched the video seventeen more times before remembering I had another handful of videos uploaded, so I navigated back to the main page.
  • Watched every single video on there until I couldn’t see past my tears, because once upon a time, Bug was two years old, and the footage on there was heartbreaking.

The end.


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6 responses to “When Their Eloquence Escapes Me

  1. jina

    My dear Jessie,
    You and your whole family bring sunshine and delightful memories to me and Dad. We are just so lucky to have you, W, M and E in our lives.
    What can parents and grandparents want?
    We have it all! Dad and I are just so blessed…. thank you…. Dear Buttrams!

  2. Dad

    We had the same reaction when we saw Max’s videos. It wasn’t that long ago yet it seems so long ago. Is there such a time period? We love you sweets…

    Mom and Dad

  3. I love this line: “Today I am going to be gathering up each of the four billion pieces my heart is in, sitting down with a tub of gorilla glue, and trying to put it all back together.” Beautiful.

    Video does bring it all back, doesn’t it?

    I wish I could help you tech-wise, but I’m still struggling not to use ellipses, and I don’t think three consecutive dots even counts as vaguely technological.

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