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I say this about thirty-seven times a day, so one more time won’t kill me. I can’t believe how big my little Bean is getting. Impossible.


It seems like just yesterday I was blogging about it being impossible that she was closing in on five months, and now, here she is, closing in on six. LSDQPXDSKJFIEJLKDF? (That’s the sound of my disbelief.) That’s half a year, people. The time it takes for the earth to freeze, then thaw, then sprout little flowers, then melt your face off with a hundred degree weather.


A week ago, we broke the news to our parents that we were having Bug v.2.0. Just last night my feet were so swollen from carrying the extra weight that I could literally make indentations into my skin. (I made smiley faces.) Half an hour ago, I couldn’t get out of bed because my belly was the size of Rhode Island. Thirteen seconds before I started writing this blog, I almost peed in my pants because the fetus I was carrying did the two-step against my bladder. I blinked just a moment ago, and I was still pregnant. Relatively speaking.

And now I have a six-month-old, a little girl who likes rice and carrots and peaches, who laughs hysterically at her brother’s karate moves, who tries repeatedly to grab the water running out of the faucet and into her bathtub, who is mesmerized by my hair and how it feels between her fingers, who can just barely fit into the 3-6 month sleepers folded in her drawers, who is lightning fast when trying to grab an open soda can just out of reach, who beams at me and thinks I am quite possibly the sun and the moon just because I pick her up out of her crib when she wakes up crying and can magically make the world less scary simply by holding her against my chest.

It doesn’t seem like it should have taken this short amount of time to grow Bean, because that means the next six months are going to pass by even more quickly. (Doesn’t it always work that way?) I mean, Newly-Born Bean just got here, all new and born and pink and helpless and floppy. But Today’s Bean giggles and hugs and sits up and rolls over and uses her hands to explore my face and chews on everything because she’s sprouting teeth and eats food other than breast milk and sleeps through the night.



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  1. Kai :)

    Bah, yew make me want to be a mommy so bad 🙂 Not that i already didn’t before i saw your blog x3. I really love readeng your blogs about your cute little bean and bug 🙂
    have a great day 🙂

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