Just a Little Spittle

This is going to be a brief one (hence, the title), because Bug is hounding me to color (how is it kids can stretch one- or two-syllable words into fourteen?). So last week was utter and complete exercise failure, so bring on the ridicule. I’m going to go ahead and blame it on my daughter being sick and my reluctance to expose her to a roomful of germs lurking in the otherwise-innocent-looking children.

But I got back on the ball today with another Zumba session, and since we had a larger class, it seemed our instructors were trying to show off. This one hurt, and not just in the pride way. (It’s a little disheartening when body parts jiggle, and not in the sassy-salsa way.)

Hopefully I can keep at it just in time to gorge myself on turkey and stuffing. Here’s to optimism!


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