Project Skinny Jeans : Full Disclosure

I’m a fraud.

So, when I had this grand idea that I would blog about my adventures in Exercise Land, I thought it might help me stay on the ball, and simultaneously serve as a record of my progress.

Not only have I failed to blog about it, but I’ve pretty much just failed.

I’ve only gone to the gym maybe thrice since the last time I mentioned it, which is pretty pathetic. So here’s my new plan: I will blog at least once a week about my progress, or lack thereof.

If it is the latter, then you, my blogger buddies, must ridicule me. That is the only way this relationship is going to work.

So for this upcoming week I hereby declare my intent to visit the gym at least twice. Since I have been to the gym a total of five-ish times in the past six-or-eight weeks, squishing two visits in seven days is upping the ante while keeping it real. Come next Tuesday, if I have less than two parties at the gym under my belt, I expect no mercy.

I also reserve the right to approve and/or delete your comments. Just kidding. (Well…….)


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