Project Skinny Jeans: On Hiatus

Well, that didn’t take long, did it? But, I promise, I have a semi-valid reason other than, “I give up.”

Tomorrow my Bug starts his Fall Break, along with the rest of the public school population in our lovely town. I’ve been trying to decide what this means for my (in)frequent trips to the gym for the next few school days.

I can either: a). go in the morning before my husband goes to work (I just vomited in my mouth a little), b). go in the evening when he gets home (which can range anywhere from 6pm to well-past-lights-out-at-the-Y), or c). bring both buggers with me, subjecting the unsuspecting, insufficiently paid college kid solely manning the daycare closet to my offspring – one quiet, small, easily-stepped-on-if-not-carefully-hovered-over tot and one noisy, bouncy, tunnel-visioned karate kid who barely has enough room in our backyard, much less in the 200-square-foot “room” they call the child-watch center. (How creative of them.)

Or d). run up and down the stairs a few times a day, most likely in hot pursuit of my bigger bugger, all while toting twelve pounds of my littler bugger in my steely arms (the only part of me I can boast that about).

Or e). none of the above, sit back and relax while watching my waistline grow in perfect correspondence to the amount of uneaten chocolate-caramel-toffee cake I couldn’t resist making (mainly because I didn’t even try to resist), and just accept that my (feeble) attempts at bettering my health and wellness will just have to be put on hold until Bug goes back to school next week.

SOLD! to the bidder in the back with the permanent ponytail and a soft spot for elastic waistbands.


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