Project Skinny Jeans: Day One


I spent last night browsing today’s exercise schedule at no less than three different branches of my local YMCA, wondering which one to grace with my presence and awkward dance moves. I even checked and double-checked the child watch schedule to make sure Bean had a place to chillax while I dropped ten pounds like gangsta pants.

But then I stayed wide awake between the hours of 1AM and 4AM, fervently hoping Bean didn’t wake up for a middle-of-the-night snack the minute I finally fell asleep. (She did.) And consequently slept through every morning class I earmarked, then cited the rain as a good excuse to stay indoors like the schlup that I am. (Besides, who wants to tote a baby carrier through inclement weather? Bean could catch pneumonia, and then where would we be?)

By the way, I made a half-serious deal with myself to fit into this one pair of jeans I haven’t worn in almost a year, so to keep myself accountable, I’m inviting you all, blogger buddies, to join in my adventure. One hilarity-filled Jazzercise class at a time. (If I dance it, they will come.)



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2 responses to “Project Skinny Jeans: Day One

  1. confession, i blogstalk you, old friend. your writing is inspiring and your heart is evident. i haven’t seen you in at least 10 years, but i feel like i know you today, you’re so transparent here. (makes me wish for more out of my own blog…here’s to trying one day!)

    anyway…i’m a jazzercise lover! wanted you to know, you aren’t alone. dance your little heart out and watch the pounds fall off. i did it up until 4 weeks before delivering my daughter and am back at it now. love it. love it. love it.


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