I’m Gonna Be (the most popular girl)

So today, Bean & I took a little trip to Bug’s school to join him for lunch. We brought him his favorite, McDonald’s (I’ll be accepting my Mother-of-the-Year award now, thanks), and Bean was pretty much the most popular girl in school today. (Because every cool guy needs a popular girl.) For some reason, kids love babies. Maybe because not too long ago, they used to be one. But it’s excruciatingly cute to see them fawn over her, and it’s like an out-of-body experience to watch Bug completely glow over her. You would have thought he had discovered the tooth fairy’s hideout, the way he was flagging down people to come meet his baby sister. (And I tried my very best to ignore the hidden germs I know were just teeming over each and every single kid.)

You gotta love the questions kids throw at you:

“Hey, I like your baby! Is it a boy or a girl?” (Girl.)

“What’s its name?” (You can call her Bean.)

“Does it have a dirty diaper?” (Not that I know of, but that is subject to change.)

And my personal favorite: “Did it hurt when it came out?” (I’ll be covering that topic next week, boys and girls.)

So it was fun toting Bean through the halls of higher learning, and squeezing into those tiny tables and chairs with my son’s happy meal, and watching my littler baby wonder at all the noise coming from people much closer to her size.

I basically love being a mom.



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2 responses to “I’m Gonna Be (the most popular girl)

  1. Great story, I’ll be looking forward to next weeks blog. As a children’s entertainer I love the lunch room visits with two dozen muses firing song ideas at me. IM4U UJ

  2. sandra

    i love watching you be a mom 🙂

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