How To Save a Life

Okay, so as a disclaimer, let me just say…I’ve been waffling back and forth about whether or not to blog about this particular incident, because, true to form, I’m sure I’m blowing it all out of proportion. (Because the title to this blog sets such great precedent.) But I have been “writing” it for the past week in my mind, and came to the conclusion that this particular story should be shared.

So a week ago, I got a completely unexpected message from someone* I went to college with. In fact, at the end of the message, he even said the last thing he expected to do when he logged onto his computer was to send me that message. So needless to say, on the receiving end…surprise!

*This particular someone will remain nameless out of etiquette. And if he ever stumbles across our little blog, I hope he forgives me for allowing my three-and-a-half readers (hi, Mom!) an anonymous crack into his life.

Okay, on to the good stuff.

Essentially, in this message, he informed me that he and his ex-girlfriend are in the thick of an unexpected pregnancy. He told me that they were facing some really tough issues with her strict family, her religious background, and their fizzled relationship. He said that she has been bouncing between whether or not to continue the pregnancy, given the circumstances, and that he was intending to support whichever decision she chose.

But then he “met” Bean through a bit of light internet stalking via Facebook, and consequently fell in love with his unborn child. Thanks to Bean and the happiness and fulfillment that radiate through a handful of jpegs, he is choosing life. And support of that life, a little half-heart that is oblivious to his (or her) parents’ turmoil during his (or her) elemental existence. And while the circumstances surrounding Bean’s conception and birth are a world away from what this new little family are up against, I know from experience that the joy of parenthood is almost transcendental.

Now it’s highly unlikely I will ever get a follow-up about this particular situation, except maybe if photos crop up on Facebook, but knowing that Bean made a difference, however small it actually was (or if I’m making it out to be more than my old college buddy intended) is…breathtaking. (Literally. When I told Hubs about the surprise message, I teared up all over again.)

Even a week later, I still can’t quite wrap my mind about what he really meant when he said that our family photo album had an impact on him. Like, there was a chance, however big or small, that a clump of cells vaguely resembling a tiny person would have been stopped from forming an actual tiny person. And now, maybe because of my tiny person, this world will welcome one more squishy baby, two more awestruck parents, and who knows how many google-eyed, smitten grandparents, and so on. Does that actually make sense? Do things actually work that way? It is mind-boggling, to say the least.

Wow. Less than two months old, and she’s already outdone me.



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3 responses to “How To Save a Life

  1. Bev

    This is beautiful! thank you so much for choosing to share it with us! (yep, that’s me, stalker ex-co worker, keeping up with you via fb and your blog)

  2. That is absolutely incredible how God can use a tiny infant for glorious things. She’s done much better than I have!

  3. sandra

    i am glad you chose to share this with us…God indeed works in mysterious way through our miraculous lives!

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