She’ll Break Your Heart

Exactly three days ago, Hubs, Bug & I saw something like this:

Bean Smiles!

At exactly five weeks of age, little Bean gave us her first (purposeful) smile. And continued to do so. And everyday since Saturday, when she’s not eating or sleeping or complaining because she’s not eating or sleeping, she is smiling.

A smile is something I have always taken for granted, something automatic, something passed out like flyers to strangers sharing the same aisle in Target, something that can be faked for photographs, or smug with sarcasm. But when your newborn sends one up like a prayer, you will literally feel your heart break. And when your five-year-old acts like he just saw Santa Claus in her smile, you will wonder just what kind of magic you have stumbled into, and try in vain to tread lightly.

Parenthood is divine, and only because of the beautiful children that are my declaration and identity.


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