Deprivation Revisited

I have to keep reminding myself that sleep is a luxury I will be able to afford in just a few months, and that this too shall pass, and that one day much (much) too soon I am going to beg for these days to come back if only because my babies are all grown up and time flies when you’re having fun (and when the days of sleeplessness blur together).

This is my mantra. In between yawns.


In other news, Bug has started Summer Camp, and when I picked him up yesterday and asked him how his first day went, he said, “I feel like I was in Heaven!” Parents of Bored Kids Who Want Nothing To Do With the Lazy Days of Summer – I have the cure. The only problem, he says, is that he misses baby sister during the day.

It’s a given – my son is freaking fantastic.

My Heart Externalized


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