Lear, Lincoln, and Liberties

I finished two books this past week: Christopher Moore’s Fool, and Seth Grahame-Smith’s Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

First off, Christopher Moore can do no wrong. So whatever he writes, I read. And enjoy.

Smith’s book is written in a manner of fictional truth. He writes it from his own point of view, where he, a struggling writer, stumbled upon this secret journal of Honest Abe (thanks to the helping hand of a vampire who knew Abe a couple of hundred years ago) – it’s so funny. But when I tried to describe it to my (history buff) husband, he just scoffed and refused to read it. It really is clever, and fun to read. I wish I were more educated in history, so I could see just how far Smith takes liberties with American history (much less, one of America’s greatest historical figures), but that didn’t stop me from wikipedia-ing everything I could about Abraham Lincoln.

Both were light, fun reads, nothing too intense or thought-provoking. Probably best, considering the state I’m in. And to commemorate my incurable lust for literature, I brought Bug to the public library to sign up for…his very own library card! (My library card was one of my favorite possessions as a kid. Bug is doomed.)

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