The Homestretch…Hopefully.

We had another OB check-up yesterday, and another ultrasound, to determine Bean’s weight. (I think the nurse ordered one at my 37-week check-up to try and convince me to move our induction date up.) As she’s grown, she looks more and more like bunched-up static on the ultrasound screen and less and less like a baby. Although, we did get a funny little picture of her waving. (She’s all, what up, home slice?)

While we were squinting at the screen, wondering how the heck that blob of white noise is an actual tiny person, Bug asked the technician, “Is she bald?”

No, she’s not! We got to see little tufts of fuzz around her head – which looked strangely like her belly, and vice versa. (Bug said she looks like a basketball. Agreed – on the inside and the outside.) And so Bean has hair. So. Freaking. Cute.

She is also estimated at about 8 lb. 1 oz., but the technician said the estimates get more and more inaccurate as baby grows. So she could be up to half a pound off. If Bean makes it to her due date (which is pretty likely…sigh…), she’ll probably be around 8.5 lbs. – slightly smaller than Bug. If we go all the way to our induction date of June 11, she’ll probably be about the size of Bug, maybe a wee bit bigger.

I’ve been willing contractions into existence. So far…fail. Bean has dropped really low, but alas. No dice. A lot can happen in a week, medically speaking, but still – patience is not my strongest virtue. And after washing a basketful of newborn clothes just this morning, my patience is wearing even thinner. (I can’t help it – I just can’t wait to see her chubby limbs poking out of the impossibly tiny onesie that says, “Berry Cute!”)

Oh, well – I guess I just have to resign myself to waiting her out. But that won’t stop me from trying to entice her out with Tollhouse cookies. (See what we have on the outside, Bean? Guaranteed to taste better pre-digested!)


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