Weekend Updates

Shoot. I finished Eclipse last night, and that means I only have one more left, Breaking Dawn. Judging by its thickness, it’s probably about seven hundred pages, but that’s not really a comfort.

You’d think the whole vampire-mortal love-eat relationship was tired and outplayed, but these books more than adequately pull it off. Not that I have much to compare it to, not really being a goth-style reader myself. But alas, when I find myself thinking about what will happen next while trying to do something else productive (and most often necessary), you know the book has got to be something amazing.

So while the Twilight books have been dominating my reading list (and blog…sorry, folks), Hubs has been field calling in south Alabama. He came home late last night, and now our leetle family is complete again. I wonder how he’d feel when I tell him I spent the whole weekend with another man. Granted, he was buried in a book (a few books, to be technical). The best part about Hubs’ field calling is the day off afterward – so we’ll be spending the whole day together (and what a fantastic day we’re going to be having weather-wise. I love you, Spring!)

Tomorrow Bug has his EEG, so we will be keeping him home today. The sleep-deprivation begins…we’re going to try and let him take a later nap today (even though he woke up early this morning) to stretch out the evening, so he won’t be quite so worn out by nine o’clock. We’re going to have to stock the fridge with Jell-o, juice and popsicles (hah! When I typed that first, I typed too fast and wrote “poopsicles!” I am hilARious) since he will also have to be on a liquid diet until two hours before the test. I am not looking forward to this – it will be hard, and I have a profound feeling it will be unnecessary.

And another thing haunting me is that this Friday will mark seven weeks from his last episode. There were exactly seven weeks between his first two episodes. I know it seems silly and medically retarded to think these episodes are on a calendar, but I’ll be able to breathe a little easier Saturday. But only slightly. Just to give you an idea of what it’s like, it’s like a mathematical number line (sorry, I’m a mathematician at heart) with each integer tick mark being another episode. No matter how many infinitesimal decimals fit between those tick marks, each sweet day that nothing happens just brings us closer to the day it inevitably will. Hopefully with less severity, and definitely with more mental preparedness as parents, but another one nonetheless.


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