More Than Slightly Pathetic, but Fully Aware

Of course, of course, I finished the second installment of the series, New Moon. I think I finally went to sleep at five in the morning. And apparently the books weren’t enough to sedate my ever-growing literary crush (on the books, not the boys), because I also watched Twilight on Comcast last night. (I’m always, always going to be partial to the text versions, so of course the movie didn’t quite hold up. That didn’t stop me from Googling all the main characters, though.)

I can see why these books are so popular, and am slightly hesitant to finish the series. It’s Harry Potter all over again. (Good-bye, old friend!)

I have put myself on a Twilight restriction for the rest of the day, until the housework gets done. Since I’m in-between novels (next up: Eclipse), I can actually refrain for the moment. Unfortunately, since tomorrow is a work day, no five a.m. bed times for this one.

So that puts me currently up to twelve for the year – only thirty-eight more in eight months’ time. See you at the finish line!


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  1. I did a comment, but it did not post. Sorry. Love the "'Twlight" series

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