Fitty, Now With Brilliant Updates.

Shut it, Jen, don’t be a hater.

1-4: See previous posts.

5: The Centurion’s Wife, Davis Bunn/Janette Oke – This was another Christian historical fiction, which was completely accidental. I didn’t know what it was actually about, save for a centurion and, well, his wife. (I tend to actually judge books by their covers when choosing reading material.) This one is set in the time immediately after the crucifixion. It follows the story of two people, Leah & Alban, who are betrothed. Alban is a Roman soldier who, under Pilate’s orders, tries to discover what happened to Jesus’ body, and whether the Judeans are a threat to Rome. Leah, meanwhile, serves Pilate’s wife, who suffers from nightmares because of the crucifixion, and Pilate’s role in it. Leah is also on orders to find out what happened, in order to try and cure her mistress. It somehow turns into a love story, without being gross. So anyway, loved it, and have decided I would totally be cut out for ancient-age romance.

Last one in my library book posse: The Lace Reader, Brunonia Barry.

UPDATE (because I’m getting lazy) – 6: The Lace Reader = Brilliance. I read it in one night, foregoing sleep until 4AM. I can’t say too much about it, because it’s pretty impossible to explain, and when I tried to summarize it for Hubs, he said, “Yawn.”


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