A Perk of Having School-Age Kids

The county schools (including Bug’s preschool) have closed for the day due to icy road conditions in parts of the county. (They’re talking about the three families who live up the mountain.) So since Bug’s school isn’t open, guess who’s not going to work? Oh, yes, this girl.

Our Town, Shut Down

I’m pretty excited about yet another snow day! Bug & I might make a trip to Wal-Mart for some Bug-sized snow boots. Which, by the way, Jen, my rain boots have now double-dutied as snow boots. Yahoo-wee! The weather man says it’s supposed to snow today and tomorrow, with the lows dipping down into the teens. I guess this means we’ve got another snow day (or two?) in the near future!

Spending four years of my childhood in Germany meant I saw my fair share of snow. I don’t remember school ever shutting down, but I do remember the mountain shutting down during a blizzard one year. And that was when my family chose to try to go skiing for the first time. (The Germans were all like, what? Zee stupid Americans.) We spent one day on the slopes, and maybe it was like, fifteen minutes on the slopes. I remember the rest of the trip playing in the lobby with my grandma, who got me a little animal zip-up pouch that was totally rad because you could CLIP IT TO YOUR BELT LOOP. (What! What!) I retired it a couple years later when I sported it to school and my friends made fun of me. (Hey! I never lost my lunch money, haters!)

Anyway, the point to my I-lived-in-Germany story was that Tennessee is in freak-out mode due to a light dusting of snow flurries. And I. Love. It. It’s so convenient.


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  1. Did your local grocery store run out of bread, milk, and water? Seems to happen 'round here every time the weather gets cah-raaaaay-zay!

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