Six is a Good Number for Doughnuts…

…not for, say, wind chill.

Our nice little pocket of mild weather, has been having single-digit lows for the past few days, and, um, what? Where did this come from, and will my pipes freeze? My Starbucks cup told me global warming is a ruse put on by over-zealous tree-huggers who just want to make us more earth-friendly, energy-efficient, and oil-independent, those jerks.

Even taking out the trash is like an arctic expedition. Oh, well, it could be worse, like being Ryan Seacrest and trying to high-five a blind guy on national television. (It’s been a long time since something could make me laugh for three days straight…oh, Ryan, you jokester, you.)

Anyway, basketball season is in full swing now. And I’m not talking collegiate or NBA. I’m talking about the all-important Upward League…go, Cheetahs! Bug had his first game Saturday, and I have to say, it is a thousand times more entertaining than football. Last week Bug won a red star for Best Defense because kid ain’t afraid to scrap for the ball. It’s pretty fantastic to watch.

Other than that, not much else going on except crunches to get ready for wedding season (two in one month, one of which requires swimwear. Oh, yes, you heard right). More later, but for now, still bout it! bout it!


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