And then there’s this cheesy kid…

Before he realized I was taking his picture…
And after!


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2 responses to “And then there’s this cheesy kid…

  1. I think all the children behaved wonderfully. I had a wonderful time. It was the first time we had all been together in years. Take care and hug Bug and kiss him for me. He is so grown up! You and Hubs have done a wonderful job raising him. He is going to be a "lady killer" when he gets big. I kind of think Judah may, as well. Amazing-one dark-one blond. Wonder about Bink's? He's going to be a junior. I want to call him JC, but that's up to the parents. See you soon. What a house!!!! You guys got a steal. Man that place is huge. With your artistic talent, you will be able to make it a show place! See ya, BB

  2. We know lotsa stuff has been going on… so blog already!

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