House: We close May 23, and our last month of rent is June. What?!?! I know, right? I’ll be sure to post some pictures once we start fixing it up & decorating. Woot!

Family: we’ve actually been on a mini-tour of the southeast. Well, Gadsden, that is. We went down a couple of weekends ago for one of Hubs’ oldest (as in history, not as in age) friends’ wedding reception. Question, does the apostrophe come before or after the “s”? The newlywed is the light blue polo…you can tell by how big his grin still is…

It was good to see Walden with some of his childhood friends. Lets you know where he comes from, I guess, or some other cheesy platitude.

Then we went down last weekend to help Hubs’ dad & stepmother celebrate twenty years of wedded bliss and shared craziness. They had a renewing of their vows at the Bellenger house, a beautiful old home built in, I think, 1886. It really was a nice ceremony, and I saw a grown man cry. Well, more so tear up than cry, but I’m sticking to my story.

Even my parents came up for that, so we also got to celebrate Mother’s Day with them, so that was nice. All of Hubs’ brothers and sister came too with their collected spouses & children.

The third man in the picture is the judge who married them twenty years ago, so that was a pleasant little touch. We also got to see a lot of family that we haven’t seen in months – Hubs’ extended family, aunts, uncles, people who are somehow related, maybe by blood, or maybe just by long-enough association…gotta love it. Family, that is.



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3 responses to “Updates…

  1. Awwww what a cute kid. And it sounds like you all had a great time! PS… the apostrophe goes before the s… unless you're referring to friends (plural).

  2. Oh, I thought that was your house we saw. Good Lord, if you work that fast, you're magic. I know you can't wait to get started. It is sooooo much fun to do those things. I can't believe J. and S. are moving to AnnArbor Michigan!!!! I'll have to overcome my fear of flying. BB

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